Ballroom Dance Lessons

IMG_2244Ballroom Dance Lessons in Charlotte NC

The talented instructors at the Metropolitan Ballroom offer a number of dancing lessons for adults & for kids. Our instructors teach a variety of International and American Style Ballroom dances, including Tango, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Quick Step, Shag, West Coast Swing, Nightclub and Argentine Tango among numerous other dances for children and adults.

Private Ballroom Dance Lessons at our Dance Studio

Introductory Offers:

All newcomers (singles and couples) at our dance studio receive a free dance consultation to evaluate your skills and help set your goals. Along with this, we offer a special introductory package of 5 private lessons to singles or couples for $300. Contact us today to begin your ballroom dance experience! Something you have always wanted to do!

Private dance lessons, which are tailored to your individual goals and objectives, give you one-on-one training time with one of our instructors. Our lessons are structured to give you the most dance time possible, while leaving ample time to evaluate how well you are progressing towards your goals. We make sure to take the time to talk about what you want to accomplish, how long this will take, and what it will cost in time, effort and money. Private dance classes are great for someone who wants to reach a new level of proficiency quickly or simply desires to get a personalized introduction into the world of dancing.

Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-private lessons at our dance studio can also be arranged for groups that want to learn to dance together yet still desire the direct attention of an instructor.

Children’s Ballroom Dance Lessons

Metropolitan ballroom offers youth lessons for children between the ages of five and nine every Wednesday. Learn more about enrolling your child in children’s ballroom classes.

Group Ballroom Dance Classes

Group social lessons at the Metropolitan Ballroom img_4003 offer an entirely different experience from private lessons. We guarantee lots of laughter and learning in a cohesive group setting as you practice patterns with your classmates and your instructor. Not only will you acquire new steps and clear fundamentals, but you will also get a chance to put these moves into practice as you learn alongside your fellow students. Our group classes offer a great social opportunity, and it will prepare you to dance with people of all skill levels, dispositions, and abilities.

Please check out our calendar for a list of classes and class times.



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