Children’s Dance Lessons, Ballroom & More in Charlotte, NC


What dances can I learn in your classes?

Our instructors teach International and American Style Ballroom including Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive, Samba, Tango, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Quick Step, Shag, Salsa, and numerous other dances for youths and adults. We will teach you to be confident and comfortable on the dance floor.


What should I wear for my dance lessons?

Wear comfortable clothing that will not hinder movement and also wear comfortable shoes. Leather-soled shoes are the best choice for ballroom floors, and we sell them here! Just ask us.


Is it hard to learn to dance?

It is easy and it is fun! Like learning anything new, it will take a bit of time to master the various dance steps. With a steady approach, periodic practice and a sense of humor you’ll be surprised how much you will learn in a short period of time.


What should I expect when enrolling my child in youth lessons?

Our children’s dance program meets Wednesdays at 5pm with Tatiana Kazakova, one of our most talented dance instructors. Your child will learn dance basics from latin to ballroom, working with other children to hone their skills. Our children’s dance program is the perfect way to introduce your child to ballroom. We welcome all children between the ages of five and nine into our youth program.

Learn more about our children’s dance classes.


Do I need a partner?

No! We teach both singles and couples. Remember, our instructors are here to be your partner during private lessons and during group lessons you’ll have plenty of partners.


How much do classes cost?

Our prices are based on many different criteria: private vs. group lessons, special occasion vs weekly classes up to 12 weeks. Call us and ask about pricing.


Can I learn to dance for my wedding?

Yes! Special Occasion Package for Bride & Groom
“First” Dance choreography
5 or 10 lessons packages


How do I begin?

We are so sure that you are going to love dancing, we offer a free, private first dance lesson. Simply call us today, set an appointment and we’ll get you started!

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