Get Your Little Ones Moving!

Children’s Dance Lessons in Charlotte, NC

Are you looking for a way to get your child up and moving? Summer is almost over and school will be back in session, what better way to motivate your child than with dancing! Some children are involved in school activities, but if your child is unsure of what they like, or if they haven’t found a sport they love, then ballroom dancing could be for them!

Ballroom dance classes are a great way for your son/daughter to meet new friends and learn a new form of art. Our instructors are great with children and will make them feel welcome at every class. At Metropolitan Ballroom our goal is for our students to move around and learn new things every time they visit us.

If your child has participated in sports such as soccer, t-ball, or swimming but didn’t care for them, maybe it’s time to introduce them to ballroom dancing! Visit or call the Metropolitan Ballroom today to enroll your child in our children’s dance lesson program!

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