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“The instructors at Metropolitan are the best trained in the city. All are former or competing national champions, so they don’t just teach the “step” but teach you the techniques, which is really what makes dance so beautiful and inspiring. The ballroom has the best floor in Charlotte, and they bring in the best coaches, including the 5-time World Showdance champions, who call Metropolitan home when they’re in Charlotte. Unlike some studios in Charlotte, you feel they care about your dancing, not just how many lessons they can sell you. If you’re going to spend your time and money on ballroom, then don’t waste it on someone who learned the steps from a book. Spend it on an expert with credentials to support the title, the cost is the same or even a bit less.”

By: Jennifer Adams

“I highly recommend Metropolitan Ballroom; they have developed a unique, quality, no pressure approach to ballroom dance instruction. In particular, I recommend Nickolai Keanov; he is a very knowledgeable, experienced, professional dancer and instructor. He is personable and makes ballroom dancing an acheivable sport, as well as making it a lot of fun!”

By: Ginny Hall

“I’ve been taking lessons at Metropolitan for about 18 months and everyone there is down to earth and friendly. My teacher is a wonderful instructor who is kind, patient, and talented. I could not recommend them more highly.”

By: John Hall

“I have had such a phenomenal experience this week at Metropolitan Ballroom that I simply had to take a few moments and say a heartfelt “thanks.” As I mentioned in our initial conversation, I was invited to a black tie event and was then informed that we would be “enjoying” ballroom dancing. Awesome! Except, I had NEVER been exposed to ballroom dancing and only had a few days to learn and there was NO WAY that I would disappoint the beautiful lady that had extended the invitation! So….I called Metropolitan Ballroom, scheduled a complimentary lesson, and got there as fast as I could! Your choice of Tatiana for my instructor was perfect! I had a “blast” from the very first minute and learned a lot my very first session. Her method of teaching is a true gift…taking an individual exactly where he/she may be relative to skill level(s) then building progressively and instilling confidence while simultaneously having a lot of fun! I have only had one additional lesson (although I have several more scheduled) and know that I will have the skills required for my upcoming event! The facility is incredible and the staff is professional and extremely knowledgeable….so,again, thanks SO much for having the vision and foresight to create Metropolitan Ballroom!”

By: Gary Grant

“I have been dancing at Metropolitan Ballroom for almost two years and I have enjoyed every moment of it. I can honestly say it is the best and warmest studio I have ever been to. This dancing studio has a very personal and relaxed atmosphere to it which makes learning to dance a lot of fun. All of the instructors are awesome because they take time to teach with enjoyment and patience. Group classes at Metropolitan are always great because they offer variety and I met many many new great people. In my private lessons I can go over the steps and techniques one on one which helps me a great deal. In addition there are the studio parties where we dance the night away….I can highly recommend Metropolitan Ballroom to everyone who wants to learn dancing in a relaxed, fun and inspiring environment. Thank you Metropolitan staff for everything you do for us students. You rock!”

by: Torsten Reimers

“What keeps me coming back to Metropolitan is a caring staff who view students individually, tailoring their instruction to the student’s capability while at the same time, challenging them.”

by: Louisa Cofer

“Less than 2 years ago I could not dance at all and now I can actually dance, thanks to Metropolitan. Everyone made me feel comfortable and welcome from the very first day. All the teachers and other students encouraged me along the way. At 63 I have now been to competitions and enjoy every minute of my dancing experience. Metropolitan Ballroom is the best place to learn and meet wonderful people of all ages and from every walk of life.”

By: Donna Miller

“I strongly believe that Metropolitan Ballroom is THE place to be at. I have been there since its opening and been taught by the same instructors prior to that, so total of about 4.5 years of the experience :). It is always been my childhood… dream, to be a dancer, which I thought was long lost and will never come true. Yet my instructors and the staff of the Metrpolitan Ballroom proved me wrong. Not only I’m living my dream now, I was able to find and achieve so much more. I believe that what makes the Metropolitan Ballroom different from any other place – is it’s people. On top of the fact that you are tought by the word class dancers and teachers, here, people genuinely care about you and your sucess, whatever it is, regardless whether you are only coming here once in a while for a social party, learning your wedding dance or getting rigorously trained to compete at the top dance competitions inside and outside of US. To me Metropolitan Ballroom is not just a place where I come to take a dance class, is much more: it is my hobby, my therapy, my exercise and most of all – my second family. And, of course the facility pictures speaks for themselves :), especially THE FLOOR!”

By: Mirra Blinova

You don’t even know how to dance. These were the parting words my ex girlfriend
said to me a twenty one year old submarine sailor. The following week I was taking
dance lessons.

This was a defining point in my life. Over thirty five years later I am still taking
dance lessons. I’m not going to use the logical justification of dancing’s many
benefits for enhancing your health and mental recall. I do it because it is fun. There
is a quote “There is a mechanical expertise that precedes all art” Many dance teachers
can teach the mechanics of dancing. Many people are satisfied with just knowing the
mechanics. To take your dancing to the artist level you need someone that is more than
just a dance teacher. I have found such a person at Metropolitan in Tatiana. She has not
only taken my dancing to a higher level but helped me redefine my purpose in dancing.

A young lady had dinner with Gladstone one evening. The next evening she had
dinner with Disraeli. Both former Prime Ministers of England. She was asked about her
impression of the two men. She replied, “When I left the dining room after sitting next
to Mr. Gladstone, I thought he was the cleverest man in England. But after sitting next to
Mr. Disraeli, I thought I was the cleverest woman in England. When I dance I want the
lady to feel that she is the best dancer on the floor.

Half of succeeding in dancing is just showing up. Show up for that lesson, show up
for that class and most important show up for the party.

By: Rodger Ellingwood

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