Children’s Dance Lessons

Children’s Dance Lessons in Charlotte, NC

Children’s and Youth Dance Classes in Charlotte, NC

Children’s dance lessons at Metropolitan Ballroom are always available to boys and girls between the ages of five and nine. Youth lessons for older kids and adolescents are also available to boys and girls ages ten and older. We always welcome these young athletes and performers!

Ballroom dance is an incredible opportunity for your child or adolescent. Aiding in the physical, mental, and emotional development of your child, youth dance programs have countless benefits to consider.

Why Involve Your Child in Ballroom Dance?

Ballroom dance offers an array of physical and psychological benefits for children. Dance classes are an excellent alternative to team sports, giving your child a unique athletic and artistic experience.

Dance is highly athletic and is proven to improve the overall health of your child. Our children’s dance lessons develop flexibility, stamina, strength and range of motion. Dance helps to develop proper posture at a young age and correct your child’s body alignment while enhancing coordination and muscle tone.

Children attain an advanced sense of their bodies while adjusting to postures and choreography. Dance encourages self-expression and mental stimulation. Our classes will promote discipline, determination, focus, teamwork, and communication skills. Our youth program is an exceptional outlet for children that fosters creativity, social skills, confidence, and good manners.IMG_2167

Children learn to work as a team while becoming fit, poised, and focused. Enroll your child and see for yourself. If you are interested in getting your little one started in ballroom dance, call (704) 364-1871 for more details.

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